Centre Street United Methodist Church

217 North Centre Street

Cumberland, Maryland  21502


DECEMBER 10, 2017

Second Sunday of Advent




We welcome those with baby skin and those whose skin needs ironing…

Those who came with a purpose and those who have no idea why or how they got here…those who spent their last dime at the races and those who don’t have a dime to spare…sports moms and dog lovers…those with addictions and those who think they have none…those who have a history in the church and those who are questioning the church’s validity and those who are seeking a friend…those who sing like a canary and those who honk like a goose…Bible readers and those who do not own a Bible…the challenged in this life and those who have it all together…those who came alone and those who were dragged here by parents or grandparents…the poor, the rich, the middle, the hungry, and the glutton…the tree-huggers, the movie goers, and the fast food junkies…the meat-lovers and vegetarians…those in blue jeans and those in three piece suits.

In other words, WE WELCOME YOU! Thank you for being with us today!




PRELUDE:                          “He Shall Feed His Flock”                                   Heather Haines

                                              arr. Lyndell Leatherman


CHORAL INTROIT:    “Prepare the Way of The Lord”



L:     God prepared the way for Jesus by sending John the Baptist to preach repentance.

P:     Important as John was, he was not the Messiah whom God had promised.

L:     John’s ministry was much like the ministry of the church today. We are to point

        to Jesus Christ, not the church, as our source of salvation.

P:     We want to be faithful to our mission, that we may be used by God to lead

        people through the church of Jesus Christ. 


*OPENING HYMN:        “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus”                                UMH  196



     We know the church belongs to You, Almighty God. The purpose is to inspire

and help people turn from sin and live as your children. But the church some-

times loses the vision of its purpose and stumbles along with its own agenda.

So, forgive us when we fail to fulfill the mission of leading people to know

Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Once again, use us as messengers who

will lift up Jesus Christ as the only hope of redemption so that we may prepare

the world for His Second Coming.  Amen.


SELECTION BY THE CHOIR:      “O Come, Emmanuel”

                                                                   Jim Lucas



    Offertory:                                     “People, Look East”                               Heather Haines

                                                                  Dale Wood 

   *Doxology:                                                                                                                UMH   95

   *Prayer of Dedication & Lord’s Prayer


*HYMN OF PREPARATION:  “Let There Be Peace on Earth”                               UMH  431


SCRIPTURE LESSON:   John 1:6-8, 19-28


MESSAGE:           “It is Not What You Know…But Who You Know”

                                                                                                            Rev. Thomas E. Young, Jr.




*CLOSING HYMN:                          “Heralds of Christ”                                           UMH  567




*POSTLUDE:                                 “Hark, the Glad Sound”                            Heather Haines

                                                                Tom Birchwood




                                                 *Congregation Stands as Able

                                       Congregation reads words in dark print




The flowers at the front of the church today are given to the Glory of God
 and in loving honor of our Grandchildren’s Birthdays,
Ezekiel James Wharton,

Zion Timothy Wharton and Azalee Joy Wharton

from Jim & Karen Brant.


Also, the flowers at the front of the church today

are given to the Glory of God and in loving honor

of Karen & Jim Brant.