Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that any Born-Again Christian can utilize

to aid themselves, another person, family, church, community, nation or world

when there is a crisis of health, relationship or conflict. Below is a listing of names

and situations where your prayers are needed. It is my hope, that throughout the

week you will keep this prayer list someplace where you can easily read, think

about, and pray over this list.


Margaret Michael, Fran Hunt, Savannah Poli, travel mercies, unemployed, underemployed, Sherri Getson, Dave Brashear, Cathy Braithwaite, Frances Reid, Sue Brant, Judy Stickley, Pastor Tom, Marty Ewing, Donald McKibben, Mary Ann Shirey, Hilda Mae Resh, Sandie O’Malley, Kelsey Alburtis, Seth Yonker, Rocky, Rosalyn Buchanan,
Dennis Crowe, John Horwath, Gavin DeHaven, Barb Kolb, Ann Alderton, Yvonne K. Thomas, Taryn Yonker Bradley and Brandi Reece.


To add someone to our Prayer List use the Prayer Request forms in the pew rack, call or e-mail the church office with your request.