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As members of Centre Street United Methodist,

we will faithfully participate in its ministries by our:




  Prayer Corner


Names will remain on the list for four weeks and then will be removed unless they are requested to stay on. Please use the Prayer Request forms in the pew rack or call or email the office with prayer requests.



Praise and Presence       





Gifts, Service and Outreach


The flowers at the front of the church today are given

to the Glory of God and in loving honor of Fran Hunt on

her birthday, July 18th, from her mother, Marguerite Smith.

Also, the flowers at the front of the church today

are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory

of my mother, Edith Wilson, for her birthday, July 18th,

from her daughter, Vickie Ford.



If you or someone you know is a patient in the hospital, do not assume that Rev. Young, Centre Street, or Holy Cross Churches are aware of it. Please contact the Centre Street Office at 301-722-5370 or Holy Cross Office (at the Holy Cross parsonage) at 304-738-0034 and leave a message. It would be better to have many messages informing the church and Rev. Young then to receive no messages or information at all or to receive the information after the fact. Remember, ministry is a team effort.



Online Giving through Vanco Payments


You can now go online to the church website, www.centrestreetumc.com and make your online donations for your offerings. Click on the bulletin of the week, then go to the link that says, Donate Now. You will need to create

 your online profile, with your email address and a password and

you are ready to start! Every time you go online you will have to

log in on right hand side of screen, then go to the left-hand side of

screen, fill out your donation amount, then donation frequency,

(one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly),

then the start date and end date. You can set the date you want to

have the money debited out of your account. It is very simple to do!!!

Give it a try today!!!








Centre Street United Methodist Church

217 North Centre Street

Cumberland, Maryland 21502


Church Office:  301-722-5370   Fax:  240-580-2571

Church Website:   www.centrestreetumc.com

  Church email:      centrestreetumc@yahoo.com


Church Staff

Rev. Thomas E. Young, Jr. Pastor

Linda J. Feaster, Administrative Assistant

Mark Wolodkin, Treasurer

B J Lewis, Director of Music and Christian Education

Heather Haines, Organist

Bill Poli, Custodian/Head of Maintainance



Humpty Dumpty Learning Center

Kaycee Jennings, Director



Pastoral Counseling

Dr. Gene Gall












We believe that every person, Christian and non-Christian alike, is valuable to God and to Godís Kingdom and that Godís Word is the supreme authority; that love and caring relationships are the key to every endeavor, that each member needs to be encouraged and supported in committing to a lifestyle of consistent spiritual growth with honest accountability; and that each person is a minister with spiritual gifts to be discovered, developed, and deployed; wherein we strive to identify and train leaders for effective ministry.


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