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 02 01 15 Schedules



Opportunities for the Week



  Communion Sunday

  Fourth Sunday After Epiphany



NO HDLC Childrenís Chapel today

NO Bible Study Today

Boy Scoutís at 7pm



Scripture Study at 10:30 am

Pick Me Up Service Today at Noon

Sanctuary Choir Practice at 7:30 pm 


Sunday, February 8th :

  Fifth Sunday After Epiphany  

  Boy Scout Sunday


 2/9/15   HDLC Chapel at 9:30 am

               Bible Study at 10:30 am

               Finance Committee at 6:30 pm


2/10/15   Church Council Meeting at 6 pm


2/14/15   Breakfast Fundraiser


2/15/15   Transfiguration Sunday


Sunday Schedule



Worship Service 9:30 am


Christian Education for Children 9:30am 


Coffee/Fellowship in Fellowship Hall 10:30 am


Christian Education for Adults 11:00 am


Thank you for silencing your cell phones and other electronic devices during services!



Come join us in  the fellowship hall for refreshment

and conversation at 10:30 am.


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